Noël à l'orphelinat

Un grand merci aux donateurs et bénévoles (en photos ci-dessous et à ceux qui n'apparaissent pas)

Réception du conteneur

It was in December 2012 during his trip to Burkina Faso for its participation in the international festival of Atypical Nights Koudougou that HO Soul made ​​the encounter with the orphanage "Sainte Simone."

Indeed, it is a member of his team in his first trip on this earth had met Ms. Yaméogo (founder of the orphanage), with whom he remained in contact. HO Soul was keen to meet this person and see its structure before returning to Paris.

HO Soul: "Why? Do you ask me, I will answer that despite all the storms, the rain didn’t drown my heart. For a long time now, I wish to offer my assistance to honorable works like this, it is also part of my motivation for success. There is not only one orphanage in the world, for sure, but I don’t believe to chance, I believe only signs and what we call the destiny, and one has to start writing the first page in order to create his book. With the orphanage Sainte Simone I saw myself facing my words, there is no need to be on top to participate in this kind of case, the proof is with Ms. Yaméogo because if we had to wait to be a superstar to act, then the world would be much darker than it already is. There are no small acts when it's the heart that gives. These babies, these children in front of me that without this orphanage would not be of this world, to see a woman who has made ​​his life a struggle so that they could live happily, have affection, then this day here I was among them, I wanted to see, find out, meet with management, I felt a real commitment, sincere, that's what I wanted to try to feel, and then we continued to exchange after my return to Paris, and so now his fight is also mine. "

After several months, HO Soul became the official sponsor of the Sainte Simone orphanage and has committed to bring it to him the maximum he can. The goal is to sensitize many people as possible through his image, during various actions that will be undertaken, both by donations, child sponsorship, concerts with profits donated to the orphanage, and all that HO Soul will reap of his artistic achievement.

The orphanage Sainte Simone is now 29 children aged 0 to 5 years, in addition to about fifteen external that continues to be accompanied. The numbers are increasing significantly over the months because the abandonment of children continues to grow.

The first action  which consisted to send a container of clothes, furnitures, toys etc., was successfully.

Some  photos showing the enjoyment of the children in the reception of the container are available on the Account Facebook of the  artist HO

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